Nomological Order

Discussed in: Episode 7, Episode 19

“Nomos” means law or rule. A normative order is something that makes the universe law-like.

Nomological order has to do with the fundamental principles by which knowledge and reality co-operate.

“It’s a cosmos in which there is deep convergence and consonance between our best attempts to scientifically explain the world and our deepest endeavours to existentially dwell within it. When we have that, when we have those two together, we have a Nomological Order. As the Nomological order breaks down, of course, then we start to confront absurdity and we start to lose a sense of how we fit in and how we belong.  To have a meaningful life is to have a life that is situated within a Nomological Order: an attuned world view that is reliably generating existential modes that are consonant with our best scientific understanding.”

Aristotle’s worldview provides a nomological order.