Discussed in: Episode 15, Episode 16

Love is not an emotion. It’s a modal way of being. For example, when you love someone, you are happy when the person is with you and unhappy when the person isn’t. You get angry when person is threatened etc. This implies that love is much more existential than emotional.

It is important to distinguish between different kinds of love:

  • Eros: seeks to be one with something. It is satisfied through consummation. We would love the cookie because we can consume it. Or you become one with another person by having sex.
  • Philia: this is the love that is satisfied through conservation; experienced in reciprocity with others, in friendships. This is the love that seeks cooperation. We love our friends because we are in reciprocity with them.
  • Agape: this is the love of parent for child. You don’t try and consume a child. An there is no reciprocity, no friendship. You love it because through your love you turn a non-person into a person.