Lectio Divina

Discussed in: Episode 19

Lectio Divina is a way of reading a text in which the point is not to have the propositions and to speak. It is to let the text as much as possible, speak to you. It is to engage with the text in a meditative mindful fashion, opening yourself up to the possibility of it, transforming you. It is much more like going to listen to a piece of music and having prepared yourself for the receptivity to have a profound aesthetic experience. It’s analogous to that. You’re reading and you’re reciting in such a way that you’re trying to open yourself up to this text. Speaking to you, people that are religious will often talk about this as if God is present in the text and speaking to them through the text. This is how people were reading in the past. A form of reading that is ontologically remedial, it’s designed to heal you transform you. It’s designed to trigger, activate and educate your procedural, perspectival and participatory, knowing not just give you propositions. It’s about helping you in your reading.