Disruptive Strategies

Discussed in: Episode 11

Disruptive Strategies are designed to disrupt your normal cognitive functioning and to alter your state of consciousness. The goal is to break the way we frame things to afford the construction of new ways in order to develop new insights.

A good analogy is the way neural networks need some randomness because otherwise they overfit and become useless.

There are long-term and short-term disruptive strategies.

Examples for short-term strategies are:

  • fasting, sexual and sleep deprivation, long hours of signing/dancing/chanting/drumming, imitation (masks, etc.), social isolation, and use of psychedelics.

Examples for long-term strategies are:

  • Long term strategies are mindfulness practices of meditation and contemplation. They bring about a very long term, incremental, but nevertheless also profound disruption in your normal state of consciousness and cognition.