Agent-Arena Relationship

Discussed in: Episode 7

“An Arena is a place that’s organized such that you know how you can act in it. If you are a football player and you go into a football arena, things are organized in such a way that you know intimately how to be involved and how to interact.”

“To be an Agent is to be capable of pursuing your goals. It’s to be able to organize your cognition and your behavior so that your actions fit the situation. They fit the environment. So what you have, when you have a world view, is you’ve got this Agent and Arena coupling.”

To understand this, think about a football player on a football field . The football player’s physical actions are given cultural meaning by the context of the football field as an arena and all of its associated rules and norms. If the football players do the same things in a tennis court, for instance, their behaviour would seem absurd.

An agent-arena-relationship is characterized by a process of co-identification:

“The identity of the arena is determined by and determines the identity of the agent. And the identity of the agent is determined by and determines the arena.”